Veronica Rocco is a leader in the Cincinnati and Ohio partner dance community. With over 35 years of dance teaching experience, she has amassed a wealth of information about how to help every kind of student reach his or her dancing goals.

Originally trained in Queens, New York, via Fred Astaire Dance studios, she began competing in the mid seventies with her then-partner and husband. As a couple, “The Roccos” competed inĀ American Rhythm, American Smooth, Theatre Arts and Hustle. They performed on the famed Grand Ol’ Opry stage in Tennessee, toured the United States and taught dance in both New York, NY and Houston, TX, and won National Championship competitions in Hustle and Theater Arts, a style of dance that incorporated ballroom technique with acrobatic lifts and tricks. As a former competitive gymnast, Veronica was well-suited to this style, and it allowed her to enhance her understanding of partner dance.

She began teaching independently in the Cincinnati area in 1994, opening Danse Royale Ballroom in its present location in 2002. Veronica has taught thousands of students to dance and has been the foremost authority on social dance styles like Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Swing, and more, in the Cincinnati area.

Above: Veronica with students

“It is amazing to watch people start from nothing, and slowly become better and better, and become popular dancers,” she says. “I emphasize good technique, so my students go out and look like they really know what they are doing.” She encourages her students with advice such as “Practice slowly, and you will learn fast,” printed as a reminder on the studio wall – constantly sharing individual corrections in group classes of all sizes, and reminds them to connect to the music. She is known to be an exceptional private lesson instructor, where she connects with each person’s individual learning style, and tailors her lesson plans for maximal fun, learning, and productivity.

Her unique approach includes not just teaching dance, but teaching her students about life – enabling them to open their hearts, overcome personal challenges, grow personally and socially, and gain greater confidence and self-awareness through dance, and through the culture of friendship and fun that she creates at her studio.