“We really enjoy learning to dance with Veronica! We’ve been taking lessons for almost 2 years. What started out as learning to dance for our son’s wedding  turned into a fun and refreshing change from the daily work! Veronica is not only expert at teaching dance; her ability to read “body language” to help us improve is astonishing. She goes beyond just teaching basic patterns and breaks down the complex techniques to make dancing easier. We are continuously amazed at what we wind up being able to actually do. Learning from Veronica is fun and challenging – with laughter as much a part of the lesson as learning how to move one’s feet (and hands, and torso, and….)!” Ken & Beth M.


“My husband and I look forward to Veronica’s salsa class each week.  We’ve tried other dance instructors and no one compares. We learn a lot of great routines and correct technique and she makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable. It’s worth the long drive from Dayton to have Veronica as our teacher!” Jennie B.


“I wanted to learn latin dancing because the girl I liked enjoyed it. I tried multiple places in Dayton and all I found was strict competition ballroom stuff which you don’t see in clubs. I found Veronica, and she is worth every bit of the 40 minute drive each way to West Chester. She can teach formal competition style, but also how to dance in a club for fun. She can be tough, but you’ll learn to dance if you practice what she teaches. She truly cares about her students and I have loved every class I’ve taken with her.” David B.


“My wife and I are in our later 30’s.  We decided to do dance lessons as a means of scheduling in a a little “us” time and so that we could learn something new. My wife had moderate experience dancing prior to taking lessons. I had zero.
After roughly one year of working with Veronica  once per week we are now confident hustle dancers (of course coming more often will get you up to speed faster than that but we are busy professionals. And for a guy who didn’t know a step before coming in, I’m pretty pleased!).
Veronica is a wonderful teacher. It is her absolute passion and it shows. She is a pro at figuring out exactly how she can help you improve and then she makes sure that you do. I’ve had a lot of teachers in a lot of different fields over the years and it’s clear that Veronica knows her craft.
Regardless of experience level, Veronica will get you dancing.” Matthew D.


“Veronica is a true professional. She has been able to take me back to the basics and to teach me to perfect these movements and then to build on that foundation as she has moved me through more challenging patterns. She focuses on the entire body not just the footwork as so many teachers do.” Marcia B.


“Veronica is an excellent and fun dance instructor. She will not only teach you the technical aspects of the dance but also how to feel the music and look good dancing. She understands that everyone learns differently and she tailors her style to make it easy for you to learn. She has been my instructor for over 2 years. I am her biggest fan and when I am out dancing I recommend her to everyone I can!” David I.